Saudi Arabia.
The new MENA High-tech hub

Saudi Arabia is witnessing an outstanding growth. The Kingdom is investing heavily in next generation modernization of its infrastructure, public services and a vast amount of key technologies among them, UAVs.

Saudi Arabia is rapidly evolving into becoming the next MENA high tech hub and key players of the region and global arena are collectively embracing KSA.

Investments, innovation and high expertise are the foundation pillar of which this new epicenter of the MENA region will prosper.

ASRAB and the government

ASRAB, has signed agreements with 20 government entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This allows us to work closely with the government to ensure proper application of our Vision and Mission in accordance to the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030.


ASRAB is licensed to import drones in KSA making it a leader of everything UAV/Drone aviation related.

With ASRAB you can be sure to get products that are officially authorized and legal to use inside the Kingdom.

Continued Expansion

As the hype around drone peaks, we expect to see new ways in which drones can assist in the lives of citizens and our organization is here to make sure we will support and enhance every new technology that comes soon.

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