What ASRAB provides

We provide B2C and B2B end to end services and drone hardware for defense, commercial and personal use.

ASRAB has a team of highly skilled professionals across the UAV Industry right at your disposal, ready to cover your Business or Individual needs.

A variety of services ranging from technical to advisory to legal with a single focus in mind: ensuring that your needs are covered.

Wholesale and retail sale of drones

We offer the only certified drones in KSA in a wide variety for both professional and Individual purpose. We also provide wholesale and retail sales channel depending on your needs. We take pride in our exclusive state-of-the-art model range, guaranteed to fit all your production or recreational use.

Technical support, maintenance services and spare parts

We understand the special needs for UAV's and we assembled the best technicians and engineers to assist with your drone maintenance and optimization. We offer exclusive spare parts for the biggest and latest brands as well as provide support for older models.

Training programs and building a national cadre in the field of drones

We provide full training programs for aspiring pilots and professionals looking to sharpen and enhance their skills. Our aim is to create a deep culture in responsible pilot flying in KSA and beyond.

Technical advice for the UAV sector

Investing in drone technology is not an easy task and many parameters need to be taken into consideration. Our team of professionals can offer technical advise, fleet organizing as well as as decode the needs of your organization and offer the best possible solution available.

UAV solutions to all government entities and private sectors

UAV's play a key role in most government sectors from security to agriculture, from traffic control to firefighting. Our special dedicated team has unparalleled expertise when it comes in utilizing drones for governments and private sectors.

Our Services

Monitoring and Control

Media coverage

Project tracking and monitoring

Energy and oil fields inspection and control

Geo surveys and 3D mapping

Mining services, monitoring and tracking mining

Crowd management

Traffic control

Telecom towers inspection

Inventory and stock control

Preventive maintenance

Examine infrastructure and utility networks

Interested in registering your drone?

ASRAB’s success is embedded within our interaction with our citizens and business. As an organization we are committed into answering and opening dialogue with everyone who has questions about UAVs in the Kingdom and our service / product range.