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What is ASRAB

ASRAB is a Saudi based leading company in UAV -Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- systems. Established in 2019 and 100% owned by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP).

Learn more about your values, our history and our mission to transform UAV in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

UAV Technology benefits


Bypass traffic and ground obstacles to reach places that weren’t accessible via conventional means.


Proven record of assisting law enforcement, emergency services and prevention of environmental disasters.

Data Collection

Unmatched data collection and 24/7 aerial observation with automated cycles and predefined route paths. Ideal for Pipe inspections, aerial surveys and others.

City Building

Assist in construction & urban planning, ground mapping as well as speed up fundamental engineering needs.

Eco Friendly

Environmentally friendly with 0% emissions as UAVs are battery operated.

Rapid Deliveries

Reliable & fast delivery for retail goods, industrial and medical supplies.


Asrab provides B2C and B2B end to end services and drone hardware for defense, commercial and personal use. ASRAB has a team of highly skilled professionals across the UAV industry right, ready to cover your business or individual needs. A variety of services ranging from technical to advisory with a single focus in mind: ensuring that your needs are met.